Our Story

SCIS Property Group prides itself on the provision of the highest quality integrated commercial construction and maintenance solutions to a diverse portfolio of clients. We have built our reputation on the values of professionalism, innovation, technical expertise, quality, and uncompromising health and safety.

Our Philosophy

SCIS Property Group draws upon a wealth of industry experience and expertise, with our team coming from diverse backgrounds, including commercial property development, property management, top tier construction, project management and finance.

We stand for quality. We set new standards in construction and maintenance, we are perfectionists in everything we do, and we believe our clients deserve nothing less than the very best.

Our dedication to excellence when building or managing our clients’ facilities ensures the provision of fast and cost effective solutions. Every project is planned meticulously as part of a considered project strategy, all focused on delivering outstanding work.

Our team recognises that honesty, integrity and trust are major considerations when businesses choose to partner with us. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest ethical standards throughout every stage of every project

The boutique nature of our business dictates that we only take on a select number of clients and commitments, enabling us to guarantee an end product of the highest standards.

SCIS Property Group Our Philosophy
Davenport – 175 Liverpool Street
Davenport – 175 Liverpool Street
Davenport – 175 Liverpool Street
Davenport – 175 Liverpool Street
Davenport – 175 Liverpool Street
Davenport – 175 Liverpool Street

Our Services

SCIS Property Group provides professional, innovative and effective construction and maintenance solutions across a multitude of commercial environments.

Commercial Buildings
Project Management
Building Maintenance
Electrical Services
Plumbing Services
Landscape Services

Our Advantage

Customer Focus

We are a customer-oriented organisation. Our uncompromising commitment to client satisfaction is key to the success of SCIS Property Group.

Project Management

SCIS Property Group prides itself on the provision of the highest quality service to its clients, tailored to your specifications and budgets. Our philosophy in respect to project management is straight forward: Time is Money. All work we undertake is meticulously planned as part of a considered project strategy.


Governed by Australian and international standards, quality is at the forefront of every decision we make, and by enforcing this commitment continually and consistently throughout every project, we are able to guarantee an end product of the highest standards. Underpinning these measures is our Total Quality Management (TQM) system, which ensures we provide our unique end-to-end integrated construction solutions to your specifications.

Our People

SCIS Property Group strongly believes that the best way to achieve the very highest standards is to employ exceptional and dedicated staff. We are able to draw upon a wealth of industry knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure that our values of professionalism, innovation, quality, and uncompromising health and safety are embedded in every single project. Each member of our senior team has demonstrated many years’ experience working on major construction projects. This hands-on approach ensures that the SCIS Property Group can confidently offer a specialist service for our developer, builder and trade contractor clients.

Risk Management

SCIS Property Group defines risk management as the systematic application of policies, practices, resources, and knowledge in order to identify, control and monitor risk. Our comprehensive approach to risk management ensures that our clients, their customers, employees and other stakeholders are kept safe from hazards that have the possibility to inflict injury or harm. We are an organisation that prides itself on open and clear communication channels, transparency of information dissemination, and honesty in decision-making and disclosure. As part of our corporate Occupational Health and Safety Policy, SCIS Property Group ensures compliance with all Australian legislative requirements, industry codes of practice and regulations, including the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 (NSW) and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001.

For more info on our health & safety policies, please contact us.
The Environment

At SCIS Property Group, we place great emphasis on the way we manage our impact on the environment and the community as a whole. Our corporate and social responsibility towards developing environmentally sustainable business practices underpins every aspect of our operations. In alignment with this is our systematic Environmental Management System which encompasses all aspects of our commitment to the environment, including a range of corporate standards, policies, procedures and guidelines, which not only meet, but exceed legislative compliance.

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